About Us

The term “General Knowledge News Mission” originated in the 2010, when due to the growth of location shoots, studios established a “General Knowledge News Mission” to monitor rules for social media in Assam. The center of the General Knowledge News Mission was the offices of The first Assamese social media firm and now serves as the Internet’s premiere address for entertainment news.

Launched in 2010, General Knowledge News Mission’s meteoric rise followed its exclusive on two of the biggest stories in entertainment: Mel Gibson’s DUI arrest and subsequent encounter with law enforcement, and Michael Richards’ ill-fated trip to the Laugh Factory, Big B’s scam etc. General Knowledge News Mission also broke the news of the breakup of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s marriage and many more.

General Knowledge News Mission altered the entertainment news landscape by changing the way the public gets its news. Frequently referenced by various media, General Knowledge News Mission is one of the most-cited entertainment news sources, utilized by national network and local news gathering organizations across the country.