Why Would Someone Need a Degree to Understand God and Biblical Teachings?

The answer to that question is rather obvious. Only through studies designed to support the lies within the New Testament and the changes and additions to the Old Testament could anyone make sense of them. The conflicts, contradictions, and straight out improbable and exaggerated claims makes the bible a closed and incomprehensible statement. Yet, it is called the Word of God in expectation that no one will question it.

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit it called me to remove the barrier of blindness and to restore the truth that has been buried by the churches. The knowledge that carried with me is that there is no heaven or hell and religions are based on a false premise designed by men for power and control.

Led by the Spirit to unearth the roots of this philosophy it took me back in time to Babylon, the original home of Islam. It used visions to show me how the sun was stylised into a woman, named Mary. It sent me to research the origin of the cross, which is a symbol of sun-worship. Men died on crosses in that city to marry Mary, the first place to record it.

The sun is the first beast of Revelation 13 and 17:5. It was the source of men’s dreams that they could live forever in paradise. As a ‘virgin’ it is this ‘being’ that male Islam followers believe they will mate with after-death. That was the purpose of their crucifixion and the reason why women have been in a subservient, almost hidden position behind them.

The sun-star of seven colours gave rise to the seven virgins that young Muslim males believe they will have if they become martyrs. Her main symbol, however, is the five-point star on the flag of Islam that sits in the cradle of the moon. It also sits over the military and law in most countries and a five-star general is the highest rank.

The five fingers were used to stencil their allegiance to ‘her’ by young initiates in all societies and remnants of such is found in rock-art on all inhabited continents. This is the origin of many things that found their way into the bible. The number 7 is used to describe creation in that length of time.

With education there is knowledge that this did not happen because the earth is millions of years old. Humans have evolved from previous life forms and research in archaeology and anthropology has established that years before humans were supposedly created they were alive. Depositions of human activity date back to at least 400,000 years ago.

So what of the people who stick firmly to the stories in the bible and try to make sense of them? Do they pretend that what is before our eyes does not exist? If so then why did God leave this command in the Old Testament:

“But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee: Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.” Job 12:7,8

Isn’t this a direction to take notice of evolution and archaeological findings? But this is not taught in theology colleges that stick to the fake stories in the New Testament.

To bring me to an understanding of that document the Spirit led me to Jerome, the so-called doctor of the Catholic Church, after Constantine established it in 325 AD. In a work by Fray Jose, a Spanish monk who was commanded by Phillip II of Spain, the story of his production of the New Testament came to light.

In his diaries Jerome wrote of how he compiled the book based on writings around the empire. He also confesses to adding to and changing what was then the Septuagint, which he added to the one he wrote and published them as the Vulgate at the end of the 4th Century.

Constantine was shown to me in a vision to be the one with the number 666. It was he who set up the systems on which the World Order is based. Because of this the world remains under his guidance to this day. It is the reason the world is coming to an end.

With the hotch potch of the Old and New Testaments and their disagreements with each other its only those who profess a degree who have the confidence to teach it. Even they, however, are confused by the contradictions and disparagement within them.

Those who are not taken in by religious teachings and who are spiritual already have the knowledge. They need no degree or special training to find the Spirit of the Universe, the real God and the one ignored by religions.

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